ASHL's assets soar after network acquisitions

Adviser Services Holdings Limited, which launched in 2019, has grown its assets under management to £35bn and its team to 400 advisers. 

In 2020, ASHL acquired the networks Lyncombe and Sense, adding 280 advisers. 

Michael Couzens, chief executive at ASHL, commented on the firm’s progress, as well as ASHL’s new investment service, Rockhold Investments.

“Despite a backdrop of the Covid pandemic, we are delighted to announce such strong results.

“As a start-up, our group costs included various acquisitions, transitioning advisers, supporting the consolidation of processes across the piece, and establishing a DFM, Rockhold Investments.”

“During the year, we managed not to furlough or make redundant any staff and instead, have continued to recruit advisers and senior management to support our growing group.”

ASHL is ahead of schedule to reach its target of recruiting 500 advisers by 2023. It expects Rockhold to have £200m in assets under management by the end of the year.

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