Chartered financial planning and wealth management group Attivo has acquired C R Toogood Financial Planning Ltd, based in East Horsley, Surrey.

Toogood has over 2000 clients says Attivo, 180 of which are active.
This makes Attivo’s seventh acquisition so far this year. It’s previous purchase was Davies, Edmunds & Co, based in South Wales, which has 20 active clients.
CEO of Attivo Stephen Harper said: “The acquisition is a reflection of our distinct proposition which consistently attracts quality businesses and clients to Attivo.
“As a Chartered financial planning business with our own Discretionary Fund Manager, we are perfectly placed to offer expert financial planning and wealth management services, built around individual client needs.  This is of huge importance to many IFA businesses seeking a ‘good home’ for their clients as they prepare their own exit strategy.
“Toogoods have been advising these clients and their families for years and the usual acquirers who view clients as a commodity were not attractive to this highly ethical IFA.”
“There is a lot of noise in the industry at the moment about consolidation and acquisition.  My advice to any IFA thinking about selling their business is to look very carefully at the different propositions in the market, I would only consider a truly independent and a Chartered firm, as restricted models are not right for all clients.”