Bowmore Wealth aims for £1bn AUM through acquisitions

Bowmore Wealth has revealed that it is looking to increase its assets under management to £1bn by 2024, via a combination of organic and external growth.

Bowmore is on the road to completing its first deal since the end of Covid restrictions and building a pipeline of acquisitions. Bowmore, which was launched in 2020 as a partnership between Citimark and Bowmore AM, made slow progress in its goals for external growth due to the pandemic, but is starting to pick up steam now.

Bowmore is currently looking to have around £400m in AUM by July, with an aim to more than double this figure by 2025. 

Mark Incledon, Chief Executive of Bowmore Wealth Group, says: “Covid slowed down our plans for acquisitions. However, we’re committed to only merging with, or acquiring businesses that have the right cultural fit. We find that we best assess cultural fit through face-to-face meetings – something Covid didn’t allow much of.”

“Saying that, our desire to only pursue high quality with the right cultural fit means we might lose out on some deals to the big consolidators, but we are very comfortable with that.”

“We know there are lots of IFAs and DFMs out there struggling to get to the next level. Many of these are high quality businesses which have grown to around £100m in AUM, but then find they are being held back by ever rising compliance and other back-office costs. However, they don’t want to become part of the factory style of financial advice that some consolidators offer. Ultimately, this means they will lose their identity as a business and end up offering a lesser service to their clients”

“We provide a fantastic opportunity for these businesses to realise their growth potential and have the evidence to support these claims. Our most recent acquisition saw their assets grow by 40% from £50m to £70m within 24 months, simply by maximising the potential out of the existing client bank.”

“We have a clean, efficient structure built to reflect the investment industry today, with all the infrastructure already in place. By joining us, businesses can get on with financial planning or investment management (or both) – we’ll take care of the rest.”

Bowmore has recently hired Jonathan Webster-Smith as the new chief investment officer. Meanwhile, new investments in a back-office system has primed Bowmore for its prospective growth.

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