Case Study: Business valuations and making the right offer

The background

Midlands IFA had been looking at making a purchase for a couple of years, when the right business came along.

As a first-time buyer, they were keen to put an offer together that would be competitive in the market, but having never made a purchase, didn’t know where to start.

The objective

To understand the business value in the wider market, allowing Midlands IFA to construct an offer which would be both competitive and defensible in negotiation.

Gunner & Co.’s plan

Louise and the team at Gunner and Co. track every project we work on, including the offers made and those accepted across tens of deals each year.  We also track the data in the public domain of other deals to ensure we have a constantly updated research base for business valuations.

We offered Midlands IFA our valuation service, which gave them an overview of the buying market, including details on how large buyers value and structure deals and a detailed valuation of the business they were looking to buy.

The outcome

Midlands IFA were able to make a clear offer for their target business, knowing where they stood within the market, and enter negotiations with clear analysis to back up their position.

 “Having an independent party contribute to our offer process was invaluable. We would probably have offered much more, without realising we didn’t have to to win the deal!” John Smith, Midlands IFA