Co-founder of Octopus Investments launches ‘next-gen’ financial advisory service

Guy Myles, co-founder of Octopus Investments alongside Simon Rogerson and Chris Hulatt, has moved on to set up a new financial advice and investment management firm aimed at delivering affordable advice combining technology with one-to-one advice.
He said: “We are using technology to improve the efficiency of the process, reduce cost and make advice available to smaller clients. It’s making financial advisers more effective rather than replacing them.
“We think financial advice is extremely valuable but its success is not used by enough people in the UK. We’ve designed the system in a way to increase the adoption of financial advice. We’re looking to increase the size of the financial advice pie rather than cut it up.
The move comes after almost 15 years with Octopus, where he has helped to build Octopus into a £3.5 billion fund management with 300 staff and 50,000 customers.
Of his time at Octopus, Myles added: ‘Now feels the right time for me to step away to pursue my other interests in the knowledge that Octopus is well positioned for further growth over the coming years.
‘I am incredibly proud of the business we have created at Octopus and of the 300 strong team we now have to help us deliver on our commitment to put our customers’ needs first. I look forward to seeing Octopus continuing to thrive in the coming years.’
He will retain his shareholding at Octopus and remain as an ambassador to the company.