M&A Workshops


WATCH NOW – The Legal & Tax implications of selling your business

It is important that you have an experienced deal team to ensure you are well protected, particularly from a tax and legal perspective. Our legal and tax speakers will talk you through some of the key things to consider when selling your business.


10 minutes

Market Update

A whistle-stop tour of current market trends and the impact on selling your business 
Louise Jeffreys- Gunner & Co.

10 minutes
20 minutes

Maximising Your Consideration

Tax planning & structuring is an important part of any deal, and often has to be considered years in advance of a deal. David will give a review of the different tax treatments on a share purchase versus an asset purchase.

This session will give you an overview of how to prepare to get the most from your sell value.
David Maslen- Old Mill

20 minutes
20 Minutes

The Legal Implications

From finding the right buyer through to completing the deal- understand some of the key legal milestones to avoid any hiccups along the way and why it's so important to have an experienced M&A deal team.
Daniel Bisby- Schofield Sweeney

20 Minutes
10 minutes

Q&A: Ask the experts

An open mic session to delve into the themes and subjects that matter most to you.

10 minutes

" That was an excellent session and as a small firm who have experienced some of these issues you hit the nail on the head!"

Chartered Planner, London