Our Approach

How we work

Gunner & Co. take a unique approach to every business sale. We know that every business and every seller is different. We specialise in bringing buyers and sellers together, in the IFA, financial planning and asset management professions. 

Our IFA Business Brokerage revolves around strong relationships built on trust, credibility and value – we focus on really getting to know what you are looking for (and what you’re not). We are proud of our proven track record and reputation in the market. Planning can start many years ahead of a sale and we run workshops, to ensure you know the A-Z of the process. We want to support you along that journey all the way to a successful conclusion (have a look at some of our success stories here).

Vision & Value

To help all IFAs and financial planners successfully sell their businesses.

To positively represent the needs of our vendors, their clients and potential acquirers, to seek out the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

  • To deliver VALUE in every interaction we have with a client or partner
  • To build RELATIONSHIPS based on trust, loyalty and credibility
  • To adopt a UNIQUE approach to every scenario