IFA makes another acquisition to expand national coverage

UNIQ Family Wealth, an Accredited Financial Planning Firm based in Cardiff acquired Brecon-based Isaac Rees Wealth Management in April, the second acquisition in 15 months.
UNIQ acquired Bristol-based firm Morgan Stone Independent last year, forming a trio of branches across Bristol, London and Cardiff.
This is part of UNIQ’s growth strategy, although organic growth has been healthy, the Managing Director and founder, Marlene Outrim, saw an opportunity to accelerate this by acquiring smaller IFAs looking to retire.
“I was also concerned that the consolidators have been snapping up several IFA practices over the past few years, and how this might affect personal financial planning in the future. In my own small way, I felt UNIQ’s services could be extended to others, who could realise the benefits of true financial planning and the personal touch this brings”.
Having experience of selling and buying, I quickly identified that Isaac Rees was a very well run and efficient practice, that had the interests of its clients at heart. Linda & Sam Isaac, the owners, intend to retire 12 months from the purchase date, but meanwhile are working hard to help a seamless transition.
It was a share purchase deal with assets of £28 million. Coupled with the acquisition of Morgan Stone Independent in February 2017 which had assets of £20 million, this has significantly made a difference to UNIQ Family Wealth and provides the foundations for the longevity of the company.
UNIQ is another firm which has benefitted from acquisition based growth, and had ensured that the process was successful due to ‘true financial planning’ and a solid exit plan which ensured a ‘seamless’ transition. If you are interested in selling your IFA and wish to find a firm that will maintain the standard you would expect for your clients, get in touch at louise.jeffreys@gunnerandco.com .