MKC Wealth, the independent wealth management firm backed by Cabot Square Capital, has announced the acquisition of  Dartford-based Gibson Lamb and Mulberry Financial of Macclesfield, for an undisclosed sum. The Gibson Lamb deal is brokered by Gunner &Co.

Gibson Lamb, founded in 1973, has been led by the founder’s son, Dave Lamb, for some 31 years.  Increasingly aware of the environment, Dave has decided to leave the industry and embark on fresh challenges in the green home energy transition sector. Two client support staff have joined MKC Wealth’s City of London office in an administrative capacity. Dave will stay on for a brief period of transition.

Gary Lee, who has run Mulberry Financial since 2007, has also decided to leave the industry and clients will be supported by MKC’s financial planners following a period of hand-overs from Gary.

Commenting on the deals, Dominic Rose, CEO of MKC Wealth, said:

“MKC Wealth continues to grow both organically and by merger and acquisition. What matters in scenarios like this is that clients turn around at the end of a transition period and thank their former adviser for the way in which the relationship has been transferred to MKC Wealth. Our responsibility is to delight the clients who trust us to look after them and in doing so we therefore ensure that business owners can enjoy their next chapter in the knowledge their clients are in safe hands. I am pleased to be able to welcome Emma McMahon and Vicky Baldwin (from Gibson Lamb) to our client support team in London who will both help us deliver on our promises to our new clients.”

Dave Lamb added, ” In addition to the customer service, cutting edge IT and client reporting processes that have been the priority for Gibson Lamb, our emphasis on green and environmental-backed investing led us to strike a deal with MKC Wealth. Not only does MKC Wealth share our ethos, it is also clear from its previous deals that it has the expertise and resources to do so.”

Gary Lee said, ” When we decided to retire from the industry, it was really important that our clients were not left in the lurch. We spoke with a number of people who had gone through this process with MKC Wealth before and they were really happy with how it had worked. This was important as it demonstrates that MKC Wealth deliver on their promises.”

Dave Lamb and Gary Lee will focus on supporting the client transition in a hand-over period.  Gibson Lamb was advised by Gunner & Co.


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