As you will have heard countless times, today marks a new dawn for the UK economy, with the landslide success of Labour taking over government.

Each and every one of us will be impacted in many differing ways, and it will take time for changes to come through.

Shining a light on your business succession planning, the change we probably all fear is an adverse change to Capital Gains Tax and the relief known as entrepreneur’s relief (Business Asset Disposal Relief).

Since changes should not be immediate, those who are ready mentally and financially could have a chance to execute a sale before any potential changes come in, with the option to work on or retire.  If you are in that boat and want to discuss your options drop me a note by reply today or book a meeting here.

To help you in the process, Gunner & Co. team have taken our 10 years of M&A experience for IFAs and produced an ebook, covering the A-Z of selling your firm and giving you specific guidance on embarking on a business sale.

We are giving you the opportunity to download this book for free for the first time, and you will receive direction on:

  • The tax position of a business sale as of June 2024
  • The legal process and implications of a sale
  • What to expect from the due diligence process
  •  A comprehensive guide and the process and elements of a business sale
  • The importance of the role of the broker and what guidance they can bring

Download the ebook today

As many of you who have spoken to us before know, we are here to help you. There is no question too big or too small.