IWP acquires three independent financial planning firms

IWP has bought Aberdeenshire-based Buchanan & Associates, Moss and Roberts located in Norfolk, and Buckinghamshire-based Principal Financial Planning. Gunner & Co. were the Brokers on the Moss & Roberts deal, lead Broker Gwill Evans says:

“the Moss & Roberts project was a unique deal which did throw up a few challenges, with multiple stakeholder objectives. Fortunately, it was great to see two dedicated teams working closely to find a resolution that benefitted everyone and ultimately a successful deal where everyone walked away happy”.

The deals boost IWP’s assets under management by around £400m ($551m, €470m), taking total assets administered under the IWP umbrella to almost £4bn, serviced by 80 financial advisers, with total group headcount now standing at 250 people.

The triple swoop takes the number of acquisitions to 22 since IWP’s formation just two years ago.

David Inglesfield, chief executive at IWP, said: “These acquisitions extend our existing nationwide network and mark further progress in our ambition to build Britain’s best wealth planning business.

“Our pace of growth is testament to the robustness of our model, which allows like-minded IFA owners to come together and share the benefits of group scale while maintaining a high degree of continuity for their clients and staff.

“We are committed to independence and it is great to see so many independent firms choosing to continue their proud tradition of client advice and service with IWP.”

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