Liontrust's assets under management boosted since acquisition

Liontrust has gained £2.5bn in assets under management since the finalisation of the acquisition with Alliance Trust Savings. 
In the six months to the end of September 2017, Liontrust grew its AUM by nearly 50% and saw net inflows of £178m.
The firm also hopes to boost its assets with the addition of two new bond investors from Kames Capital, David Roberts and Phil Milburn.
Chief executive Jon Ions spoke about the firm’s long term vision:
“Asset managers have some key decisions to make over the next year that will determine the shape and success of their businesses in the future.
“While making these decisions, it is imperative to have a clear vision and focus of what your clients want going forward.
“Like our investors, we have a long-term goal and are mindful that getting caught up in the short-term noise must not distract us from this.”