Loyal North takeover of Scottish IFA

Advice consolidator Loyal North has acquired the Galashiels-based IFA Lowland Financial. Fusion Asset Management, which established Loyal North in 2016, handed their advice consolidator £40m for the purpose of acquiring UK firms. The acquisition is expected to take place over the next three to five years.
Lowland Financial’s managing director, Graeme Mitchell, who is looking to retire in the coming years, sold shares to Loyal North after rejecting bids from other consolidators: “You spend your life advising other people on retirement, and it is naive not to do the same for yourself. Increasingly, my clients have been asking when I am going to retire, and now that the right time, the right company and the right circumstances have arisen, it is great to give them peace of mind. I love sitting down with clients and helping to plan for their lives, and I will be around for around three to five years, and may continue part-time after that. Loyal North seem very flexible, and I am nowhere near ready to step away just yet.”
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