Northampton IFA snapped up by US subsidiary MGUK

MGUK, a subsidiary of the US-based The Marygold Companies (TMC), has purchased Tiger Financial & Asset Management, an IFA based in Boughton, Northampton.

MGUK, which was formed by its parent company in 2021 for the purpose of making UK acquisitions, will harness TMC’s technological capabilities, such as its fintech and app development.

The acquisition is worth an total of $3m (around £2.5m). The deal will transfer Tiger’s £42m assets under advice to MGUK.

Marigold & Co chief executive officer Matthew Parden, said, “The acquisition of Tiger is a very important first step for Marygold & Co in the UK, giving us the initial regulatory license to be able to grow and expand our advice services to new clients. 

“We are hugely encouraged by the coming opportunity to leverage our highly transformative fintech capabilities within the UK financial advice market, which is ripe for change.”

Tiger Financial & Asset Management founder Keith Halford, added: “I am delighted that Tiger has become part of the Marygold Companies family and look forward to continuing to advise Tiger’s clients and maintain the high standards of service they have come to appreciate.”

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