The Selling Process

Educate Yourself

Before you jump into the process of selling your business, we think it is essential you fully understand the process. This includes detailed information about the buying market, how much your company is worth and timeframes. An initial step would be to request a free, bespoke market overview, sign up to Gunner & Co.’s newsletter, and attend a workshop or webinar where experts in due diligence, tax and the legal process can give you insight into what to expect.

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Build Your Deal Team

Just as you are the trusted adviser to your clients, you should have a team of specialists working with you throughout the process. An accountant and solicitor with experience in financial services transactions is essential as well as a broker like Gunner & Co. who knows the market and has a proven track record. You may also choose to work with other consultants to assist with due diligence.

Gunner & Co. know many specialist solicitors, accountants and due diligence professionals. Get in touch for guidance on this.

Fact Finding

Once you have a fair understanding of what you are looking for, we can work with you to identify the key differentiators in your business to best position it for sale. We’ll then undertake detailed and comprehensive research to identify the buyers that are compatible with your profile. We currently work with in excess of 90 credible buyers nationally.

Gunner & Co. have a standardised approach for initial fact finding. If you would like to know the sort of information needed at this stage please get in touch.

Buyer Meetings

From a researched shortlist we will set up meetings with a handful of buyers meeting your criteria. We will work with you to prepare for those meetings and assist you in assessing their fit.

Gunner & Co. have a guide to help prepare for such meetings, download it here.


Once you have shortlisted a couple of buyers, you can expect to start receiving offers for your business. This will allow you to talk with your deal team and other stakeholders to identify if you wish to pursue one.

Heads of Terms

If you are happy to accept an offer, your preferred buyer should produce a heads of terms document which outlines the key commercial terms of their offer along with a timetable for the deal. This document also affords a period of exclusivity to the buyer, giving them confidence to proceed towards completion without competition.

Due Diligence

Your preferred buyer will request information for their review. The level of due diligence will depend on the structure and size of the deal and will allow the buyer to corroborate the offer that has been made as well as to identify potential risks in the purchase. You may also wish to undertake some due diligence into your buyer.

Request a Gunner & Co. due diligence preparation pack here.

Purchase Agreement and Legal Progress

The purchase agreement is the legally binding contract for the sale of your business. Depending on the scale and complexity of your business sale you will likely undertake a period of negotiation with your buyer via your solicitor in order to reach agreement. Our experience of this process will ensure you are guided appropriately through what can sometimes seem a daunting process.


Once the effective date in the contract has been reached you have successfully sold your business. You will most likely have post contractual obligations to follow as agreed in the purchase agreement which may include still working with your client base or assisting with a client handover.

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