Talbot & Muir acquires Attivo’s Group’s Sipp and Ssas

Nottingham based Sipp and Ssas specialists have announced the acquisition of a significant client bank from national wealth management firm Attivo. The deal between the Sipp and Ssas giants will occur at the end of August, adding to Talbot and Muir’s current book by around 1070 Sipps and 14 Ssas.
Although the worth of the deal between the companies is unknown, Talbot and Muir will gain administration assets accumulating up to £1.8b in total.
Graham Muir, director of Talbot and Muir since its founding in 1993, claimed the acquisition of Attivo’s Sipps and Ssas to be an “important part” of the company’s long term growth strategy. He spoke further on the matter, describing the firm to be centred on strong organic growth, in addition to acquisition.
Talbot and Muir have seen fruitful growth of assets in recent years, with a 408% growth of assets between 2010 and 2015, from organic and acquisition based growth. When questioned on future plans of the company, Muir said he would look to acquire more firms after the deal with Attivo group was completed.
It seems the agreement was in the interest of both parties, with Graham Muir saying the move was in favour of a “strong strategic partnership” with Attivo group, and that the company “remained acquisitive”.
Attivo’s chef executive, Stephen Harper seemed to be in agreement, detailing the Ssip and Ssas clients to be “better served by a company with a specialist focus on pensions administration”. He furthermore went on the explain the focus of the Attivo group, in expanding their operations in independent financial planning.