Tatton seeks acquisitions with £30m war chest

Tatton Asset Management has secured a loan of £30m in order to support its external growth.

The chief executive of Tatton, Paul Hogarth, has confirmed that it is seeking DFMs and other funds to build a strong acquisitions pipeline. 

Mr Hogarth said: “Any businesses where we can build up funds under management and manage those monies afterwards is of great importance to us and that’s why that banking facility is in place. 

“We have got two, maybe three, conversations under way at this moment in time.

“We are very, very keen on this side and we are happy to talk with anybody with assets under management to buy.”

From March to September of this year, Tatton increased its assets under management by £1.2bn, bringing its total to over £8bn. The firm’s assets were bolstered by an ongoing partnership with Tenet, which brought over £375m assets under management to the firm. Tatton has confirmed that it is actively seeking to form further partnerships of a similar nature.

Earlier this year, Tatton reached the final stages of the bid for Architas, which was eventually bought by Liontrust.

Mr Hogarth said: “We did have a really good look at buying the Architas range.

“We learnt a lot from that and you are not necessarily always successful, but it shows the ambition of the group and where we want to be.”