WATCH NOW: 10 Mins Highlights – The Legal implications of selling your business

It is important that you have an experienced deal team to ensure you are well protected, particularly from a legal perspective. Our legal speaker will talk you through some of the key things to consider when selling your business.


10 minutes

Market Update

A whistle-stop tour of current market trends and the impact on selling your business 
Louise Jeffreys- Gunner & Co.

10 minutes
20 Minutes

The Legal

From finding the right buyer through to completion – understanding the key legal requirements will help you avoid costly mistakes. Having an experienced M&A team on your side is so important to prevent this from happening and ensuring you get the right deal.
Daniel Bisby- Schofield Sweeney

20 Minutes

" That was an excellent session and as a small firm who have experienced some of these issues you hit the nail on the head!"

Chartered Planner, London