Perspective Financial Group Ltd (Perspective) is delighted to announce it has completed two further acquisitions, meaning the Group has made 17 acquisitions so far in 2023. In total, the Group has made 73 acquisitions since it was founded 16 years ago, and now has 35 offices across the UK, 120 financial planners and a total of 450 staff.

Perspective has also exchanged contracts on a further seven deals which will all complete in the coming months. Each acquisition meets Perspective’s criteria and shares the Group’s client-centric culture.

The two latest acquisitions are: Campbell Harrison Ltd in Sheffield and Strategic Financial Portfolios Ltd in Halesowen.

Alex Campbell, Director of Campbell Harrison Ltd, said: “I am delighted that Campbell Harrison has become part of Perspective as they clearly fully share our values, ethics and client focused approach.

“It impresses me that Perspective’s CEO is still a practicing Financial Adviser, in contrast to many firms whose senior management don’t have recent or any experience of providing advice to clients. I share their view that ‘If you look after the client first, you will run a successful company’.

“I will remain with the firm for a short period to ensure a smooth handover before retiring. I’m very pleased the whole team is transferring across to Perspective and the current office in Sheffield is remaining open.”

Mohammed Bostan and Robert Anglin, Directors of Strategic Financial Portfolios Ltd said: “We are very excited to become part of Perspective. Their additional resources and highly professional, ambitious approach will help us take the business we have built since 2005 to the next level.

“It mattered to us both that we would still run our local office with the existing team in the same location, but under Perspective’s expert input and guidance. Their client-centric approach means we are confident that our clients will benefit from access to some new services and from the economies of scale that a larger organisation can deliver.

“We were both struck by the positive ‘can-do’ vibe that Perspective exhibits which everyone we have had contact with during this process has shown.”

Ian Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer of Perspective said: “We are delighted that these two firms have chosen to become part of us. These acquisitions add a further 800 households as
clients, £220 million in AUM and two new local offices. We welcome everyone from both these firms to the Group.

“Our pipeline remains extremely strong and continues to grow month on month. We are meeting both large and small firms and we plan to continue to grow at scale and pace with our highly
selectively acquisition strategy.

“Interestingly, we have re-engaged with half a dozen firms over the past two months that have recently terminated discussions with other acquirers, as other acquirers have been unable to
complete their proposed acquisition for various reasons.

“We recommend, indeed insist where possible, that all our vendors take references from previous sellers to us from all our previous acquisitions. This evidences that we deliver on our

“We are often surprised that references are not taken more regularly from those looking to sell their business, given it is likely to be the single largest financial decision they will make in their
lives. We always encourage vendors to take the appropriate references before making a decision on their most appropriate acquirer.

“Perspective has been built around a culture of putting our clients at the centre of our decision-making process to ensure that we always deliver good client outcomes, as far back as
our beginning in 2007. We always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes first and foremost, so our vision and core values have meant that the principle and required outcomes of Consumer Duty
have been deeply embedded in our business for many years.”


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