What is your financial services business worth today?

Knowing the value of your business is critical when planning for sale. If the proceeds are expected to fund your retirement or other ventures, knowing the value will inform your own plans and timescales.  

Gunner & Co. monitor and evaluate all deals taking place in the financial planning market. Aligning this information with market trends, the acquisition strategies of frequent buyers as well as anticipated regulatory adjustments allows us to provide you with a market led, indicative valuation presentation and report highlighting key areas of value and specific areas of improvement.    

Benefits of Valuing your IFA Business with Gunner & Co.

Whether you are a retiring IFA or building your succession plan, knowing how best to increase the value of your business in the build up to an eventual sale will make a substantial difference.

  • Market-Specific

    Your valuation will be built from a deep analysis of the financial planning and advice market, taking into account the current economic outlook alongside the shape of the buyer market. This ensures you understand the wider picture when making business decisions which will impact the value of your business.

  • Business-Specific

    Your report will be completely tailored to your business considering factors such as recurring revenue, client retention rates, growth potential, and industry benchmarks, alongside your objectives for exit. That includes your timeframe, the dynamics of your team and the profile of your clients. Bringing both together will give you a clear indication of how close you are to meeting your goals.

  • Forward-Looking

    Alongside an indication of current value, our expert team will provide you with a framework to add value, differentiate your business in the market and a set of key considerations for approaching a sale. All of this will feed into your plan to ensure you and your business are well prepared. Preparing your IFA for sale is an important part of the sale process and can sometimes determine the outcome

  • Consultative

    Our service isn’t limited to a one-time report or a set number amount of consultant time. If you need further analysis completed or more time reviewing and discussing the report this is always possible.

Valuing your Business with Gunner & Co.

Benchmark your business today to understand how close your are to your business value goal.

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