Making the decision to sell your business is probably the biggest work decision of your life. However, it has huge impacts on your personal life too – are you sure you are prepared for that?

You probably wonder ‘What next’? – what should I prepare, no matter for the business or for yourself? An obvious starting point is to understand the steps of the sale process? This needs to be paired with your own personal planning, in regards to your life after sale.

Louise Jeffreys, MD of Gunner & Co. and Michelle Hoskin, coach and founder of Standards International will bring together both the professional and personal perspectives of selling your business and will provide a step-by-step guide to the process of selling your financial advice business or assets, and how to prepare yourself for this unique journey.

What will you get from attending this session:

1. Comprehensive Guidance: Gain valuable insights from Louise and Michelle as they provide a comprehensive perspective on selling your business, addressing both the professional and personal aspects, to guide you through this pivotal decision in your professional life.

2. Strategic Planning: Learn how to strategically plan for the significant decision of selling your business, considering its substantial impact not only on your professional life but also on your personal life.

3. Post-Sale Life Preparation: Understand the essential steps to prepare for life after selling your business, ensuring that you are equipped to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that may arise.

4. Structured Approach: Acquire a step-by-step guide to the sale process, recognizing that while each business sale is unique, there is a loose structure common to all deals. Be well-prepared for the intricacies of the process well in advance.

5. Q&A Session: Engage in a question-and-answer session to directly address any specific queries or concerns you may have about the business-selling process or post-sale adjustments.