Due diligence is the most time-consuming part of selling your business, particularly since you will complete this in addition to you day job.

Dorian Cameron from Thistle Initiatives will talk through the timeline of the due diligence process, the importance of regulatory due diligence, key regulatory considerations, and how to identify and mitigate potential compliance risks.

Knowing well in advance what to expect and being prepared for this avalanche of queries will allow you to prepare for this, alleviating time pressure during the deal. Attending to this webinar is the step one.

What you will get from attending this session:
1. Stress Reduction and Deal Acceleration: Starting this process as soon as possible (way ahead of starting the actual sale process) will allow you to complete a deal sooner and with far less stress.

2. Efficient Due Diligence Preparation: Understand the intricacies of the due diligence process and receive practical tips on streamlining your preparations. Learn how to organize your documentation and data well in advance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient due diligence phase.

3. Insider’s Perspective on the Due Diligence Timeline: Acquire a detailed understanding of the typical timeline for due diligence, enabling you to plan ahead and set realistic expectations. Knowing what to expect at each stage will empower you to navigate the process smoothly.