With the potential introduction of regulatory changes to capital and liquidity adequacy, and further focus on consumer duty, it is important for business owners to stay informed and be responsive to the dynamics and complexities of the market when considering a business sale.

We recently interviewed Karishma Galaiya from Thistle Initiatives to discuss the impact of the recent FCA CP23/24 paper regarding capital deductions for redress and we are inviting you to join this webinar and ask your own questions.

In this webinar, Dorian Cameron and Karishma Galaiya will not only talk about the process of due diligence when selling your firm, but also the details of how the regulatory changes will impact the M&A market, from both a seller and buyer perspective, and how you can prepare for them.

What you will get from attending this session:

1. Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes: Understand the latest proposals and updates from the FCA to ensure your business remains compliant and ahead of regulatory shifts that could impact your operation and business sale.

2. Risk Management: Understand how the changes might impact your sale timeline and strategy, to navigate the process smoothly, and ensure the changes do not delay or impede the process of your transaction.

3. Stress Reduction and Deal Acceleration: Starting the due diligence process as soon as possible (way ahead of starting the actual sale process) will allow you to complete a deal sooner and with far less stress.