Advisers leave amid 1825 acquisition of Almary Green

It’s been reported in New Model Adviser that 6 advisers with Almary Green have left the business since it announced in March its plan to sell to 1825, the restricted advice division of 1825, over concerns of going restricted.
Citing the FCA register,  Roy Durrant, Kevin Squires, James Harrison and Fiona Sharp are all reported to have left Almary Green between May and September this year.  That wipes out 50% of Almary Green’s adviser count, with a further 2 advisers said to be working notice.
Speaking about the departures, Carl Lamb, Almary Green’s MD said:
‘I did expect a few people to leave, in any kind of structure people don’t like change do they?
‘It can be difficult but you have to respect people’s views,’ he said.
A strong focus has now been put on recruitment, and 2 advisers have already been brought on.  The firm also has a graduate training scheme with 5 trainees working towards becoming fully qualified advisers.