Charles Derby and Lighthouse to merge

Charles Derby and Lighthouse – acquired firms of Quilter – will merge to form Quilter Financial Advisers (QFA) amid Quilter’s leadership reshuffle. 

Charles Derby was already set to rebrand as QFA, but will now be joined by Lighthouse. The new advice arm will be headed up by Chris Fautley, the former chief executive of Charles Derby, and deputised by Amanda Cassidy, former sales director at Quilter’s advice business Intrinsic.

Meanwhile, Quilter Private Client Advisers (QPCA) will be run by Andy Moore, its former national financial planning director.

The managing director position of Quilter’s national advice business remains unchanged, with Darren Sharkey heading up the company. Mr Sharkey commented on the merging of Lighthouse and Charles Derby: ‘We have taken the time to digest and consider our acquisitions from last year and I’m very pleased to bring those businesses together using the best strengths of Charles Derby, Lighthouse and Quilter. The leadership team will bring the knowledge and experience together to provide the best possible financial advice business we can,’ he said.

‘We know there are millions of people in the UK that would benefit exponentially from having financial advice. And this is not just in terms of pounds and pence, which is obviously important. This is about that feeling of financial security and wellbeing. Something that is priceless, particularly in the current climate.’

Gunner & Co. have introduced a number of businesses to Quilter Private Client Advisers. If you would like to know more about their acquisition model contact