Frenkel Topping’s new joint venture

Frenkel Topping and Express Solicitors, a law firm based in Manchester, have agreed to launch a new joint venture in a move which will compound financial and legal expertise. ExpressFT will be launched as a 50:50 joint venture between the IFA arm of Frenkel Topping, which specialises in asset protection, and Express Solicitors, in order to provide post-settlement advice to their clients. 

This latest joint venture is reminiscent of Frankel Topping’s partnership with a law firm to aid their personal injury service in February.

Managing director of Frenkel Topping, Mark Holt, commented: “The ability to offer life after settlement advice through ExpressFT will support our growth strategy by expanding the client base and building Aum.

“We are delighted that Express Solicitors chose Frenkel Topping as its partner of choice in this new venture.”

James Maxey, managing partner of Express Solicitors, said: “We’ve recommended clients to Frenkel Topping for many years, in cases where they would benefit from the specialist investment advice provided.

“Frenkel Topping are very clearly focused on the needs of injury victims and have a similar culture and philosophy to our own.”