Gunner & Co. supports Envision

Last Friday (14th December) I was very fortunate to get involved in an event with Envision, a charity which, through community-apprenticeship schemes, helps young adults build employability skills.

I took the role of a ‘dragon’, in a pitching event in Bristol (one of Envision’s 3 centres), where 9 teams¬† pitched their social action projects to a panel of senior business leaders (dragons) to receive feedback and funding in their ideas. A range of issues are being tackled this year, from mental health workshops to body positivity projects and gang violence. Teams presented passionately, demonstrating their creative thinking and team work skills, as well as presentation and communication skills. Needless to say, it will be a very exciting new year to watch these young people develop, refine their ideas and make real impact in their local communities.

Gunner & Co. is proud to support Envision, which brings together local businesses, schools, charities and volunteers in London, Bristol and Birmingham to provide a practical learning experience which enables young people to develop the skills they need to succeed in work and life. In return, young people invest their time in developing projects which give back to the community.