IFA Challenger Aventur Announces the Acquisition of JPSL

Aventur has announced the strategic acquisition of JPSL Financial Services. Aventur, a challenger IFA, aims “to wave goodbye to outdated financial services” and reduce advice costs by using back-office systems to provide financial advice to a wider range of people. JPSL, the provider of independent financial advice and pension trustee services brings a wealth of experience to the table, alongside a welcome advocation of Aventur’s industry-changing approach.

The acquisition brings the company’s funds under management to over £130 million, an exciting number for a challenger brand storming the financial services industry. JPSL’s Louis English will be taking a seat on Aventur’s Investment Committee, bringing with him more than 30 years of experience as an IFA.

For JPSL, this merger allows a well-established brand to launch itself into the future of financial services. With Aventur’s unique blend of expertise and technology, JPSL’s clients can benefit from the very best that the industry has to offer, whilst still receiving the quality advice they are used to from Mr English. 

Meanwhile, by partnering with an organisation known for its dedication to balancing purpose and profit, the merger presents an opportunity for JPSL’s team to bring sustainability into the equation. With 1 in 5 IFA’s looking to retire in the next 5 years, this could present a lifeline to retiring financial advisors and their clients.

Mr English commented: “As someone who has been in this industry for 30 plus years, I can see that Aventur’s approach represents the future of financial advice. I want to be part of that and I want my clients to be part of that, too.”

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