Rathbones considering acquisitions

Paul Stockton, CEO of Rathbones, has revealed that Rathbones is considering making acquisitions over the next few years, in line with a strong market trend of consolidation in the advice industry. 

Mr Stockton commented on Rathbones’ future strategies: “We have launched a strategic plan for the business covering the next five years, and that is all about how we want to grow organically, but acquisitions are not off the agenda. 

“I suspect the consolidation we are seeing in the market will continue, and that we would likely be part of that. In terms of organic growth, we want to attract more investment managers to us, there is a lot of talent out there.”  

“Rathbones is well positioned in the adviser market, and recently we have grown our relationships with some of the networks and the nationals, but we want to leverage those relationships, and that includes investing in our digital capabilities, including an app.”

Rathbones now has funds under influence of nearly £50bn with an underlying profit of over £85m in a three-month period.