Succession's double acquisition

The consolidator Succession have acquired two companies, bringing in £350m under management. McKenzie Investments Ltd who are based in Inverness, and Warwick Butchart Ltd who are based in Cheltenham, were acquired by Succession back in August, with staff from both firms joining Succession as part of the deals.
Back in January, Succession announced it had bought four firms across the UK; the acquisition of both McKenzie and Warwick Butchart are the first since the reveal at the start of this year.  
Mark Stokes, proposition and marketing director for Succession Group, said there had been a change in focus since the company’s new chief executive took over earlier this year.
Mr Stokes said, “Succession is focused on its second stage growth strategy and since James Stevenson became group chief executive in January 2018, the business has been refocusing its energies towards substantive, value creation acquisitions managing over £1bn of funds.
Succession’s acquisition process has changed, with the transition and integration of firms moved out of Succession Advisory Services to be directly controlled by Succession Group.
Mr Stokes said: “The growth of Succession remains a vital part of our overall business strategy and this will continue to be achieved organically and via acquisitions.
“We are in a fantastic position at this point in our journey to continue to build strength into our core financial planning business as well as continuing to provide a market leading investment platform and proposition which now supports over 20,000 clients across the UK.”
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