Tatton eyeing DFM businesses

Tatton Asset Management’s chief executive, Paul Hogarth, has revealed that Tatton would be targeting the discretionary fund management arms of IFAs as part of its 2020 consolidation strategy. 

This follows Tatton’s first acquisition of Tenet’s DFM arm Sinfonia earlier this year.

Tatton’s six monthly results posted an increase of over 20% in assets under management, compared to the same period last year, while pre-tax profit was posted as £3.6m, an increase from £3m last year. 

Mr Hogarth commented: “The crux [of the good results] is that more and more IFA businesses are tapping into how Tatton is different.

“We’re getting more and more support from the IFA world with 520 firms and 61,000 accounts. We’re definitely doing what we set out to do.”

“We think we have created the price for this area and although we do not see very much movement towards it as of yet, it will become standard.

“IFAs are very much aware that price is key. It usually goes back to two things: price and performance, as it should.”